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News In Briefs
WYWS Edition

* Contrary to our last edition of the News in Briefs,** rest assured I come to the keyboard this morning sober as a bird in AA.

* Exploiting classic "boiling frog" tactics, I'm slowly but surely re-writing the unspoken Japanese office dress code into something a little more "lax." Now strictly reserved for special occasions, the daily necktie was the first to go. Onitsuka Tigers for dress shoes, then the suit jacket. Button shirts were replaced by thermals and track jackets. Jeans replaced khakis and slacks. I don't really comb my hair anymore either. At the moment, it's standing in a sort of lazy, faux-hawkish pile on the top of my head. Personally crediting myself for introducing casual Fridays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, I think it's safe to assume I'm the proverbial butter on a goddamn roll here.
Pretty stoked for wife-beater weather.

* "Japan" is a title synonymous with with comparison, crazy weirdness, and positively zany contradiction. Or so I had thought, before coming here. I had a small epiphany/rant at my keyboard the other night after a particularly frustrating day at work. I decided that Japan is really only as different and 'unique' as people are willing to make themselves believe. I mean, hey--if 'believing' that being a part of something stereotypically 'perceived' to be unique and exotic, inherently 'makes' one unique, don't you think that it would be in one's best interest to perpetuate the common interest? How many people would rather bite the business end of a .45 than face the reality that their own individuality is a contrived psychological defence mechanism? Hopefully more on this iceberg soon. Unfortunately, I have serious attention span issues when it comes to coherent streams of thought on actual "issues," per se.

"Subway: Eat Flesh"

* A moment of silence for "Doob dog," "Weed-wurst," and "Joint-furter," who sadly never made it off the Subway marketing whiteboard.

**DI Fact: News in Briefs are called so because the first few times I posted under that header, it was morning, and I was still in my undersleepwear.

3 contributions to this piece:

Zach B. said...

You've got to be kidding me! I know Subway might do ham or turkey on a sandwich, but a hotdog?

ps. why's it called herb?

pps. is it ironic that it's a hotdog in Japan? Land of the dog eaters....

Dagbert said...

Probably because it has "herbs" on the bread. Subway isn't really all that "healthy" here. You can get cheese fries, hotdogs, and chili powder as a side.

PS: They don't eat dog here. It's a regular hotdog--same as you would find at a 711 back in the states.

Zach B. said...

I know they don't eat dogs.

It's just a stereotype :P

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