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Ye olde butt sack

I can almost hear my lungs turn a healthy shade of gray.

If I were to tell you how often they emptied it, would you really want to know?

Oh yeah.
New survey of dire importance, page left. Here's a simple four-step guide that will walk you through the arduous process.

1. Read
2. Vote
3. ??
4. Profit!

So easy, even a caveman without his own television show could do it.

** Thanks to reader Seth for providing the explanation.

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Valerie said...

Hehehe, you already know what I voted for.

Kimbrolynn said...

Hello Kitty can go to hell. mmyes.

Seth said...

Did the underwear gnomes have any part in the fart-blocking underwear?

Seth said...

PS. What's the background story on these photos! Whos butts are these and why are they in a sack....and whos house is the sack at?

Dagbert said...

I don't know much about the underwear gnomes. Care to enlighten me?

The photos are from the teacher's smoking lounge at my office. They're everybody's butts, and it's the cleaning lady's sack, I guess.

Seth said...

Underpants gnomes invented the 3-phase-profit/marketing strategy.

"Phase1: Collect underpants
Phase2: ???
Phase3: Profit!!!"


or are you just beating me up because I called them underwear gnomes instead of underpants gnomes....

Sarah said...

This just made me insanely glad to work at a smoke-free office. I think Sean might be one of the only people at the office who smokes, and she's just a social smoker.

Also, I bet you can guess what I voted for.

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