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Tech "support"

I made two separate phone calls this evening. One was local to SCEJ, and the other was international to SCEA.

Tech Support in Japan:
"Oh hello, you must be the emperor. Please listen carefully to my obscenely polite keigo while I kiss your ass and make sure absolutely everything is ok with my superiors before I make any real decisions of my own. Oh, and please hold the line while we ring up your cell phone bill before I tell you to take you and your American PS3 and go screw yourself."

Tech Support in America:
"Aw hey bro, hell yeah, we'll fix it for real. Oh, you're in Japan? Aw, that's cool. Just send it to your mom, and we'll send the system coffin to her. Oh yeah, wait a second. You mind bending over a bit? We have to penalize you $150. Warranty violation. You're not allowed to take your system out of the states.
So...I'll need your mom's address, and your credit card number."

The best part? How both calls required more than 30 minutes of wanking about the bush to arrive at the same conclusion: I was being gleefully screwed.

So my system is still broken, and the warranty is now officially expired.


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