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Par for the course

Just in case you were wondering, here's our list,
in no particular order:

"岡山理科大学附属中学校" is thankful** for...

...Tsutaya, Cup Noodle, warm facial hair, no street "open container" restrictions in Japan, rice balls and tonkatsu, downtown rockabilly nite, not sleeping on the floor, air high-fives, chest bumps, parents' basements, region free BD-ROM, Oshio's guitar, The Backstreet Boys, rubber indoor baseballs, Johnny Depp, Gmail, fried chicken on a stick, Converse tracksuits, undisturbed cigarette breaks, eyepatches, Uno hair wax, Brad Pitt, mixi, after-hours shabu shabu, students who deliver on their homework, nomihoudai, tabehoudai, women's volleyball shorts, non-prescription dandruff shampoo, David Beckham, the bento lady, whenever Nagao skips school, clip-on ties, schoolgirls on escalators, reusable chopsticks, and apple juice.

** Most of these were based on smallish "interviews" with people I live and work with. The rest, were just quick-and-dirty assumptions I made based on trite evaluations of their individual personalities.

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