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My Valentine's Day

I can attest to having all sorts of stupid ideas while out running. Pushing another 2 miles, writing to old girlfriends, starting a yakisoba stand on a beach in Thailand, this video...
Blame the lapse in judgment on mind-numbing endorphins and blaring music.

Muted lives still scream: across lines of paper, and through airwaves. Always by way of some latent trigger, it happens quickly--like drunken vomit, but with ink; you can't control when, or where. Oblivious to the world, it just starts flying, and doesn't stop until the pen runs dry. Or until they pump your stomach.

Very special thanks to Ms. Tamesada for taking time out to offer a skilled camera hand, for enduring my creepy-ass neighbors, and for pretending to almost knock on my door during the piano bridge.

"I used to be my own protection...but not now...
Cause my path has lost direction...somehow..."

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Valerie said...

This was really pretty. You know me and black & white. Oh, and Linkin Park.

Is it possible to put in a request for more cemeteries? :-)

Dagbert said...




Valerie said...


Crazy is as Crazy do said...

Great job... I luv the little thanks section for Mihoko... that's hilarious with the neighbor and all... I luv her quick reaction there... ;) Jezz the stuff you get ppl into!! lol

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