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If Hardees had a heart, it'd be clogged

Coming from a nation that actively censors its regular porn in mosaics, and its food porn in seaweed, squid flavoring, and soy sauce, I have a lot of admiration for any company that says "Shut up haters! America has an international reputation to uphold, and we'll be damned if we're not there to smother it in sausage gravy!"

Almost brings a tear to my eye, as I nibble on these delicious wasabi rice crackers.

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Kimbrolynn said...

Wow, this should really be illegal. What's the point in killing off 80% of the nation with heart attacks and liver failure? Or maybe that is the point... smothered in gravy, don't forget.

I think it still needs a glaze of bacon grease... and maybe a side of cinnabons and a large double mocha cappuccino with extra whipped cream.

Sarah said...

My god.
Hardee's scares me.

Also, kimbrolynn, the point of killing off 80% of the nation with heart attack and liver failure is so our generation and the next generation still has some Social Security to look forward to.

Dagbert said...

I endorse this plan.

Kimbrolynn said...

Hmmm... in that case, I'll have mine with a diet coke please ;)

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