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Feels rushed, because it was

No, I haven't forgotten.

I actually held off on posting Go-En IV which has been mostly finished for a long time now, because the actual Undoukai event was so long ago, and because the video is mostly rubbish. I guess holding off on it is what made the event so long ago in the first place...

Eh, shyaddup.

Oh, and it's really boring. But I hate eating up my hard drive with unused crap, so I'll post it anyway. The event's actual blog was posted about a month ago, can be found here, and the rant about asshat Billy Blanks, here.

The video is a big sloppy bag of arse, but you're welcome anyway.

2 contributions to this piece:

miles.walters said...

hello and great blog! i discovered your blog through your Quietdrive music video. how long have you been in Japan? keep the great blogs rolling

Dagbert said...

Stoked that you found me--thanks for the kind word!

Been in Japan since February, been annoyed with it since March. Just one of those things.


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