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Kawaguchi rhymes with "sissy"

Part One

A lot of people have asked Brian and I if we were sore or tired this week after climbing 12,000 feet into the sky.
And the answer, after four days, is a resounding:

"I'm sorry, I thought you said 'sore'--could you repeat the question?"

No, I'm not freaking sore. And no, we didn't brave dizzying heights, driving rains or blistering winds with the aid of O2 infused water, gore tex hats, carbon fiber climbing poles, or any other fancy schmancy sissy climbing gear. We did the Subashiri trail entirely on calorie mates and pure, raw testicular fortitude. Ok, so I had a banana and Lucky Charms for breakfast that morning--but after that, it was all balls.
To the walls.

I should probably mention that we trained. Yes...we trained our asses off for an entire afternoon, in what I'm quite sure turned out to be the deciding difference between a hot cocoa toast upon reaching summit, and plunging over the wind-swept sides of cold-hearted Fuji.

Oh man, this video gets me so pumped up. I'm gonna go break something, then run 10 miles.

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