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Sorry, your princess is still in another castle

About a month ago, as I was comparing apples to oranges at the Marunaka grocery store, I bumped into a moderately cute girl who suspiciously acted as though she knew me. Even though her face was only vaguely familiar, I still exchanged pleasantries in Japanese for several minutes before she went off to buy whatever Japanese people buy when they're not bowing or riding trains. The rest of the day week month I wondered just who the hell she was--I've met a lot of people since I've gotten here, but can usually at least paste a face with a place. And trace the straight-faced sack race to first base. Meh.

Anyway, only a few days ago, did it suddenly just click. Bowing and apologizing. Three-quarter pants. Asshole gaijin mode. The Queen of Apologies!


2 contributions to this piece:

Valerie said...

DAMN. And now that she thinks you amazingly learned Japanese in a couple months, you can't go in and put her through gaijin hell again.

NOW what are you going to do for entertainment?

Dagbert said...

I wonder if she'll just think "looks like somebody did their hooked-on-phonics!"

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