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Hey Japan, what the hell?

Why is it that whenever I wanna know the time for getting on a train or making a social schedule, I have to solve a complex mathematical algorithm? Sorry Japan, I think I left my Cracker Jack "Planet Zeon Time Conversion FlowChart" with my gyroscope and decoder ring along with the rest of my second grade survival crap in the garage back home. And 0:00!? What the shit is zero o'clock? Look what you're teaching your schoolkids! And you wonder why nobody knows how the hell to properly tell the time! This isn't some asshat twilight zone! It's reality! And haven't you blockheads ever heard of AM and PM? Let me answer that for you--of course you have! I mean, cripes! You have a freaking convenience store called AM/PM! Quit the hemmin' and hawin' and let's get with the damn program!

I mean, c'mon! What the hell gives, Japan?

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Valerie said...

Taking the number you want and subtracting 12 is a complex mathematical algorithm?

Wow...I must be like...a genius or something because it's really easy for me...


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