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Happy new year, you bastard

Make any resolutions worth a damn? Any intentions of keeping them? Yeah, didn't think so. I resolved to stop saying 'yes'. And 'no'. Actually, I just resolved to stop talking altogether. Some kind of incoherent nonsense like that. Probably like your retarded resolution, no?
Another uneventful Christmas and come and gone. Another tacky Time Square ball dropping on another misplaced year. If each dropped ball brings me closer to something better, I damn sure can't wait to find out what it is. Otherwise, it's just four more weeks to Japan. I'll never have enough suitcase room for all the worthless shit I've accumulated over the last two years in Findlay, but I'm too sentimental, and these memories too fragile to simply pack away into a box, and leave to be forgotten. Or moved.

Thank you Pearl Jam for "Come Back." It didn't bring him back last year...or this year. Probably never will. But for that 5 minutes and 26 seconds, I feel like he just might.

I spent all of today wandering around the new pole barn work site waiting for dad to finish nailing down the roofing sheets, so we could haul him up new ones, or pick up the slippery tools that he dropped every five goddamn minutes. In the moments between picking up screws with a magnet, pvc jousting with Andrew, and carving my bare hands on razor-sharp sheet metal, we shot a particularily idiotic video. No reason, really.

Like the new style? I'm still warming up to it. You, on the other hand, are welcome.

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Valerie said...

You nave successfully made a live-action Donald Duck cartoon. With pants.

Made me giggle. ^_^

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