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Absence of tears is always a dead giveaway

It has long since been old news, but rememberence of the passing of Vendetta Red always brings a lump to my throat. An incredible band that never quite found the recognition it deserved. If you only have $13 to spend on one cd for the next 13 months, I think Sisters of the Red Death is the best place to start. Beautiful orchestra, beautiful arrangement, incredible emotion and power; it's just a sick record, through and through. And Medusa...like Gloria, I think we all have our interpretations--our metaphorical Medusa--in some shapeshifting form.
Yes, I know that Zach still went on and formed Sirens Sister, debuting earlier this year...it's just not the same. Not anywhere near as astounding.

Anyway, you're welcome.

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Valerie said...

Hey! His hair's fluffier than yours! ^_-

Saori said...

This song is awesome!! His voice is amazing!!!!

I am glad that I do not feel that cold in Findlay, no snow in Findlay, Dec!! wow.. cannot believe this:) I hope you are enjoying the last work day at Hisan today. See you a little bit;) oh...got a call from you ha ha.

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