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Take, Hadaka, DS, and Onsen Festivals

Wasting no time, we set out to grill the largest acreage of meats and seafoods on the most decrepit and smallest possible flat-top grill on the banks of one of Tochigi's many rivers. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 and 5000 pounds of delicious sausages, chicken, steaks, salmon, shrimp, yakisoba, shiitake, and green peppers were mercilessly marinated, seasoned, grilled, then quickly consumed. Thankfully, the ladies ate all the vegetables and weird green stuff.

Two days later, respective Nintendo DS in tow, we headed two hours north to the hot springs and the bamboo festival that happened to be on the same day.
Of course we went for some well-earned hardcore relaxation, but it goes without saying that there was ample opportunity for some very serious screwing around. It's very difficult being as good as I am at doing basically nothing with my life, but when you factor in all the stones that need to be skipped, all the video games that need to be beat, and all the puddles that need to be jumped in, you can only imagine how busy I have been lately. If you know anybody that's hiring any full-time slackers, goof-offs, or smartasses, give them my email. There's not too much to say here. We accomplished basically each and every one of our goals for the weekend. Such goals included kicking everybody's ass in Mario DS, getting naked and sitting in boiling water, eating fish and miso paste from sticks over an open fire, and soaking up as much of the incredible scenery as possible before heading home. My time here is finally drawing to a close.

I dare you to find four people as cool as these in your tri-state area. Took me a trip around the globe before I did.

Lastly, Frampton sits 400 meters above the valley floor with a lucky 50 yen coin, prepared to make his last wish for the trip. I'll be seeing many of you again soon. Wish me well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. I happen to be a bored resident of Findlay, Ohio looking to hire a full-time slacker, goof-off, or smartass to entertain me before slash throughout fall semester. So you should get your butt back to good ol' Findlay and gimme a call. :P

<3 Jeanette

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