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The gravy train is over. Mountain jogs, floating shrines, piles of free kickass food, and ball-busting Brazilians are a tough act to follow. Especially when that following act in question is quite possibly the lamest state in the union. Ohio sucks.
Here's what that gravy train looks like as it mournfully rolls back into its station of origin. Like a sunset over the outstretched wings and roaring turbines of a homeward bound 747.

It was a hell of a trip, and as happy as I am to be back on US soil, sometimes it's ok to admit that the soil that you stand on kinda blows. Like Ohio for example. But I digress.

I returned to ants en mass. In our short leave (Matt was in SC getting drunk and telling people he was a cage fighter) , they overran the kitchen and bunkered down in our cupboards--mostly in Zach's cereal boxes. And all over my syrup. Little bastards. Even though their battered and poisoned bodies littered the floor and countertops on account of the traps I left back in June, they've come back in force, now that the few remaining scouts finished relaying the message back to the ant queen that everyone on the surface had been nuked. Bitch got her antbaby-making groove on, and now we're under quarrantine again. Quarrantine mostly because this evening Matt laid down enough covering fire to lethally poison an entire cornfield of not only ants, but ticks, spiders, rabbits, badgers, and any other small rodents or children foolish enough to wander through. I'd call him a dumbass because he mortally wounded my cereal, but he really did actually inflict some serious damage on our latest menace, so I can't complain.
So yeah, our house has unofficially been quarrentined. And Matt's high as a flipping kite. Who would have thought that Raid could get you tripping?

The Japan saga continues this week with the Findlay end of the KAKE program. Nine of their best and brightest (most of whom I already met in Japan) are here for the next month. Stoked because I finally took a dump this evening. My first in many hours. Not like I have time for frequent BMs, but you didn't need to know that.

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Anonymous said...

The stereotypical American experience abroad! And add to it that you live in the Midwest, makes it like... a joke...

I've always wanted to go to Japan - I've been learning the language myself and think that you are incredibly lucky to have made this trip. Maybe they'll give me a scholarship to go to school there... you never know.. :)

Start a lot of new projects now that you're home so you don't go out of your mind. Do things.

Nice blog, BTW.

Valerie said...

Glad you're back and that you had a good time! And, that you were able to grace the toilet with your poo. *laugh* Sorry to hear about the ants, though. Captain Zach will prevail!

I thought you'd graduated, but I see you're in TWO of my classes this year. Not to mention I'll probably be bugging you for help since I'm taking Japanese 1 this year...

See you tomorrow in acting!

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