"working on my faults and cracks..."


29 days hath intolerable months

I feel somewhat obligated to take time out of my busy blogging/copywriting schedule (pursuits largely spent picking navel lint and staring at the wall) to haphazardly drum up a post for today, considering this super fun 24-hour extension to the calendar's least-favorite month, only rolls around once every four years.

Here's a fun fact about leap year: I once dated a girl who was born on February 29th. I suppose I could generously commemorate this post towards her seventh birthday salutations, but I think it's better spent in the highly amusing remembrance of the hastily-sketched unicorn inexplicably tattooed on her shoulder. With each passing year, may the permanency and embarrassment of that decision never wane.

And in other topically applicable news, I was going to give up crop-dusting the local Whole Foods bulk aisle, along with cylindrical-shaped treats for Lent, but I had a vegan doughnut with breakfast after deciding against granola this morning. So... shit. "Keep your heads up boys," my little league baseball coach would always say. "We'll get 'em in four years."
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