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le tour of utah

cleft-chinned and exceedingly handsome PR specialist,
George Hincapie warms up for the prologue stage
One year ago, I did a fairly commendable job of completely missing out on the Tour of Utah, despite feeling genuinely interested when it rolled through town (and literally past my doorstep). Perhaps I was too busy being a totally radical bicycle messenger, or simply couldn't be arsed to follow a non-UCI event. However, now that it is officially sanctioned, I am officially out of excuses. Doesn't hurt that the company for whom I am employed, was one of the tour's main sponsors, as well as one of the major contending teams in the race. This made it much easier to stick my camera in the faces of certain riders, with the protection of a VIP badge, hanging from my neck. Now that I've let more than a few days (re; a few weeks) elapse, I'd be more than remiss for not posting anything at all. So here's the Picassa album with the rest of my ToU favorites.
2011 Tour of Utah

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