"working on my faults and cracks..."


______ in the making

The way I see it, there are understood to be two schools of thought in buying a bicycle. The foremost, would be to attend a prestigious law school, whereupon graduation, sauntering into a bike shop and dropping thirteen thousand dollars wouldn't seem like much, after having already spent ten years in academia, hemorrhaging cash and common sense. "Getting back in shape," a justifiable and highly likely end to means of budding alcoholism and nipples buried in debt.

The second would be more deliberate. Less direct, but perhaps more personal. Carefully choose a frame. Buy it. Put it in a box. Tape the box shut. Do not take it out at parties or snuggle with it at night. Create a list instead. And then, every week or so, check something off that list.

The final step? Wait for Spring.

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