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fixed on OKY

This project started organically, and as small as could possibly be imagined. With my Canon G10 riding shotgun, I'd snap random photographs of my friends riding their bikes, and scrawling shorthand notes about their character and style, in moleskine margins. And as I sat at Starbucks in the Omote-cho, hiding from the withering summer heat outside, those notes took shape on my laptop, growing into the final photographic piece of my Japanese story. 

And now, several thousand latt├ęs and old fashioned doughnuts  later, that story is finally ready to be both shown, and told.

Available in two coverways: a stubbornly water-resistant softcover (never again let nature's calling ruin a perfectly good afternoon of reading), or a ruggedly handsome hardcover, costing only a few more pieces of eight. For the cyclist, for the traveler, for the J-train culture curious, you know what to do. Swoop here. Props of the highest and shiniest to the amazing and creative forces at Sonadei for both inspiration, and art direction, for without, this whole project would still just be another "should have" in pages of scribbles and unedited IMG files.

And lastly, to the city of OKY, and the boys of HEADSET with whom I learned how to both live, and love the bicycle, to say that they've been an inspiration to the places I'll still go, would be a painfully grievous understatement. Amazing where life can take you with two wheels, and a few good friends. 

Enjoy the read, as I've sure as hell enjoyed the ride. 


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