"working on my faults and cracks..."


room with a view

Moments after the above photograph was taken, I was called upon by a surly state trooper patrolling the capitol building grounds, after hours.

Stabbing a meaty, gloved finger at the small, foot-high fence my tripod stood behind, "excu--se me son, but what do you think that fence is here for?" he bellowed out.
A stupid question, asked overtly harshly, given the nature of my apparent "encroachment."

Glancing at the pathetic barrier I'd stepped over to get a clearer angle at the sky, "...um, probably to keep photographers out," I answered matter-of-factly, and without a hint of presumptuousness.
He was not amused. I will get my ass "written up" next time.

Some people have no appreciation for nature.
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