"working on my faults and cracks..."


signs are vital, hands, still cold

Well here we are--fitting that three weeks of radio silence brings us to Thanksgiving, a day where I can finally reflect on this recent, ongoing period of foolhardy transition and say that I am most thankful for the metaphorical seat of my own pants--by which I've spent this entire month flying on.
More specifically though, in no particular order, would be my iPhone, for without, none of the flying would have had any guidance. Also for my aptly named Flite 500--the physical facilitator for all seat-of-one's-own-pants flying. None of this would have been necessary had I not taken a job. So despite all the reckless and mindless dashing willy-nilly about, I'm thankful for the kickass job that caused all this, and for finally scoring a room with a killer view. More on that later.

More on everything, later.

Thanks for sticking around. Oh, and Happy T'Giving.
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