"working on my faults and cracks..."


the most dangerous summer

I've been meaning to post some enthusiastic indication that I'm back in the grind, but I've been too busy with the last 72 hours sucking down juice boxes while playing Killzone 2, and pretending that Japan's mysophobic, knee-jerk overreactions to the swine flu hadn't just pre-emptied an entire summer's worth of activity.

protects bearer from CDC snipers on the tarmac

On the upside though, KZ2 has been fantastic, and I just signed and stamped my official resignation from Japanese life, effective in three month's time. Oh, and I've also been commissioned for a shiny new writing project. With any luck, one that could neatly grace a milk crate coffee table, or pile of magazines strewn about a bathroom floor upon completion.

Stay tuned.
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