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between curtains

My little G10 continues to impress--linked up with Kinash and Yuji, and took it down to the park last night to experiment a little bit with the second curtain flash / slow sync settings. Came home a few hours later with some fresh blisters, and these stunners:

[click to enlarge]

Kinash winds up...

...and delivers

H+ ghosts

this kid is in a league of his own

I won't pretend to know anything about photography, but I've had it for about four months and so far, this camera can do no wrong. Goes from full auto to full manual in just a few clicks, all the while stuffing itself with useful features (color correction/keep, stitching, audio caption, scene comp) tucked into a surprisingly intuitive UI. Probably my favorite thing about it though is its portability--can be brought to bear and ready to shoot faster than any SLR I've ever tried to take pictures with. Pint-sized for a hoodie pocket, but built like a tank. Shoots like a tank too. You know, like, if the tank had a G10 instead of a 120 millimeter barrel.

Or something.

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kiNASH said...

My camera can also make photos monochrome except specific color or change selected color to other color.
I can't explain well in English,sorry.Let me talk about that next time.

Dagbert said...

haha 英語あっているよ!kinashのもCanonでしょう?

kiNASH said...

CanonのIXY digital 10だよ!

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