"working on my faults and cracks..."


"...tired and reckless and I can't go home..."

and what if I don't?

Barely had time to clear up space on the iLappy's weary external hard drive, as HEADSET is back on the pavement--this time shooting for local pride in a four prefecture fixie cinematic jam at the end of this month down in Shikoku. While I'll again man the editing helm, I've got help from local legend TKYM as my director of photography. Additionally, the whole crew has more than a few new tricks up its collective sleeve, plus we've added a second camera and a pursuit bike to our A/V arsenal.

a new breed of bosozoku

Hit the pavement last night to record my first ever chase sequence. But for this 'first', I found myself on the opposite side of the camera, running circles around the city and trying to outrun the chase crew. However, TKYM--the model citizen, was adamant about adhering to local traffic law--stopping at all stop signs and traffic lights, making sure our camera guy wore a helmet, and even went so far as to reprimand me for skitching a taxi down Momotaro Dori. I don't think it hampered much, because he and Frank shot some awesome shit. Even though I'd be just as excited if it were any of the other guys, I'm really stoked that it got to be me. Personal narcissism aside, I can't wait to see this up on the big screen.

say hello to mr. tube

Oh, and I shredded through my last Mondo Sport in the process. I blame the Nishiguchi overpass decent into a red light at 35mph.

Will keep you updated as the helter-skelter editing process rockets towards March 21st.
Really feels like we're going to kill it this time.

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