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The scary thing about shooting on actual film--a feeling all too lost on the generations of today--is that you really have no idea if you got the photograph right. The juxtaposition, the exposure, the timing, and so on. Eff it up on a digital camera, and you just re-shoot. But eff it up on film, and the potential bombs. But the uncertainty of what sits on that roll builds to bigger payoffs when you see the photos as they turned out, in all their "yeah-I-totally-meant-to-do-that glory" (including the few exposures that went off in my sweatshirt).
Huge props/fist bump to Nobu for organizing, promoting, and putting on a successful, first-ever Photo the System. Even the local newspaper boobs showed up and were impressed by the gritty, no-tech, and stripped-down iterations of the same city they'd been shooting for eons. And then there was this guy--a local "been there, done that" codger who passed along a rare blessing to the youth of today for "finally getting it right." Amen brother. Amen.

As a whole, everybody's contributions made for a really unique showing (even the elementary school kid who took pictures of lyrics on his television screen). Really wish I could be there in the near future for when this event blows Okayama up.

chupa chupa represent

I was there for Okayama's first ever PtS though. Good enough for me.
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