"working on my faults and cracks..."



fixed gears, and candles in the Trees lounge
t-minus 15 minutes to seeing his heavy metal mug on the big screen

fried chicken and grenades (sweet band name)

here we go

brought to you by Chuck Berry

crowd digs it

The "Fixed and the City" project party drew to fitting completion, the scouting, drafting, shooting, editing, nail-biting, beer slamming, and udon slurping of the past three months. Even though he can't read English, I'd still like to pass along a huge thanks/air high-five to Nobu from Trees for setting the event up, and to Kyousuke from the now-defunct Round Wheel for all the parts, repairs, and inspiration that put us well on our way.

The troops have been rallied. And I think we're just getting warmed up.
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