"working on my faults and cracks..."


like a pillar of salt

We were shooting some footage for the Headset fixie project down at the station a few nights ago, when someone had the bright idea (I was totally just kidding at the time) to take the fun underground, into the winding caverns of the Okayama Ichiban-gai shopping mall. I'll be the first to say that whipping blind corners and leaving fresh rubber on the glistening linoleum is all fun and games until somebody skids face-first into a storefront shutter.

Then it's hilarious:

seriously, just leave him

Still working on getting the music for this spot just right--I need something soft enough to accentuate our hallway stealth, but
still with enough punch at the critical moment of facial impact to ensure that the metallic, echoing crash still resounds with the viewer long after the bowel-aching hilarity has passed.

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