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the circle is complete

Ah, Mondays.

It used to be that Mondays were a bit crap before Thursdays took that seat. Then Thursdays fell off the sanity wagon becoming the new Mondays for the better part of a year until Fridays decided to take the piss, happily filling in as the new Thursdays masquerading as the new Mondays.

And now? Looks like Mondays are back on top in all the old haunts, out-sucking even those new Fridays, putting the lunacy squarely back where it deservedly should have been all along.

The world is almost right again.

PS: Irregular, half-assed posting not enough? Well, you can still keep track of the DI's slightly more regular comings and goings in the "DI tweets" sidebar to your left, or over at twitter whose 140 character limit is now the reluctant soapbox for my somewhat concerted efforts to broadcast at least one ridiculous, or generally worthless thought per day ("gwtpd"). Sometimes two. 

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