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Every night, after putting on footie pajamas, I kneel at the side of my cot, and pray I could someday write like this:
There is a point at which the 'rookie' says there are "a shitload of grubs down there."
Marcus Fenix corrects him, suggesting that there are, in fact, "Ten shitloads." I want to grant that Gears of War takes place on the planet Sera, where 'Shitload' may be a genuine unit of measurement - but that's dumb, and this line is dumb, and the people speaking are idiots, and they live in a world of dumbshits where stupidity of a form of currency.
While the residents of this planet in question actually sound suspiciously like much of the rest of the touted Xbox Live "experience," neither do little to quell my now palatable resolve for acquiring the competing platform on which to play Gears. Even temporarily, if I must. Having said that, I'll still be taking the aforelinked commentary with Dr. Sarcasm's oft-prescribed grain of salt, and gleefully diving into this meathead buffet, fork in hand, and stupid grin plastered across guiltless chops.
And I'm going to love it in loads.


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Fonz said...

Gears2 is definetly at the bottom of my "must have" list, but after watching a couple videos on the site it does look really good.

Good luck with your console hunt


Dagbert said...

There aren't many major 360 exclusives worth picking up, but for some reason, I just want to wallow in this one.

Maybe just a weekend, then sell it all back.

Fonz said...

Not trying to put you off or anything, but I thought I might pass this info along. Guy I know was extremely excited for Gears2, even went so far as to skip school on Friday to play co-op all day with a buddy of his. Today he says that if things keep up the way their going, he's going to sell it and get Fallout3.

Dagbert said...

Sure man, spread the love.

Not that he needs any reinforcing opinions on what actually happens within Live.

Seth said...

I have it on good authority from six or seven 'Gear heads' that 2 is in fact 'shitloads' better than the first. I have yet to aquire it myself but I will soon.

Dagbert said...

Except in the PS3 fanboy-ravaged metacritic averages, "shitloads better" seems to be the general internet consensus.

Oh, and since when did you ever put aside your Wii for a 360?

Seth said...

My roommate has a 360 but I may be getting one in the next few months. I haven't put aside the Wii but I have supplemented its lack of shooters ;)

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