"working on my faults and cracks..."


125 words of poorly translated hobo drama


Hmm... So that's all? You just hit him?


Leave a hole in his chest?

Er, no.

But you ran?


Because he...


Muscular guy?

No. Not at all.

Any roundhouse kicks, falcon dives?


And you think there’s a story in this?


Not a goddamn chance. Tell you what I'll do though.

I get a reality show?

No. Not quite.

My knuckle hurts. Does that help?

You battled a seven-foot hobo with one leg. After jumping off a fire escape to punch him in the face, you pile-drove him into a tower of steel garbage cans, before galloping five miles to the nearest police station on a rabid hyena.

Isn't that a video game?

Close enough. Willy Mackey would have maimed you.

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