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le old movie

I think I would be entirely remiss for coming here and not posting a photo of le tower. Or one of Frampton.

Or both:

Back in a few days with photos of delicious crepes, and a smug stereotypical wisecrack or two at the expense of Frenchie.

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Kathryn said...

This photo is le amazing.

Dagbert said...


It was actually le pain in le ass because there were so many of le tourists crowding around le gnome.

Sarah said...

Wait, you can afford to go to France from Japan?

Your school must be paying you craptons more than mine does. I can't even afford to go home.

Dagbert said...

Um no, I crashed with a friend who works for Air France. Cheaper for me to fly here than it was to get train tix to Narita.

No worries, you still make more than I do.

Sarah said...

Ah. You being in France still makes me awesomely jealous though.

I actually have to WORK to go on the damn company trip next spring, unlike last year where the boss just randomly said "I'm sending everyone to Saipan for 2 days! Here, have some spending money." This time we have to hang up like 100 fucking posters EACH in order to "earn" the damn trip.


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