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she was only in it for the rain

The annoying Japanese 'tsuyu' has officially begun.
What this essentially means, is that:

* it rains a lot

* Joe Strummer fits perfectly

* my favorite watering hole is close to its grand re-opening

* I'm a week away from leaving for Australia with 30 mostly incompetent adolescents

* "my picture/her locker," and other such metaphors

* by the time my khakis have had enough time to dry thanks to the morning commute, they are ready to be soaked again on the evening commute

* Juliet Simms will politely turn down my marriage proposal

* I have seven untouched pages of translations for a dry martial arts demonstration due very soon

* local weatherman changed the morning ticker to "shitheaps of rain" and gleefully took a monthlong vacation

* long overdue for retirement, old and mostly faithful iLappy is soon to be replaced by peppy Mr. MacLappy Pro

* a number of my female readers just googled 'Juliet Simms'

* perhaps several male readers as well

* ok, you can stand under my umbrella

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go for a run.

In the pouring rain.

5 contributions to this piece:

Kimbrolynn said...

"ella, ella... " ;)

Dagbert said...

two gold stars **

Valerie said...

Hey, I did not actually google juliet simms, although I vaguely wondered who she is. The only thing my mind came up with was a picture of Molly Simms and I decided that was good enough and went on my merry way.

But now it's going to bug me.

Dagbert said...

I just googled 'Molly Simms.'
Oh, the irony.

Valerie said...

Victory is mine!

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