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...and, we're back.

I'm not much good at talking about "easing" back into the swing of things, so I'll just pretend I never actually went anywhere, and you can go back to pretending you weren't refreshing your browser every ten minutes while I was gone.
I did upload a few photos though to save me some typing though. Kinda sparse--I might add some "people" pictures later. Viewing pleasure at the bottom of this entry.
With resounding concurrence, you can almost hear the photos say, "gee, it must suck to be back in Japan..."

It most certainly does.

Spring Broke

** PS: See if you can find Frampton. He's in only one of the photos.

4 contributions to this piece:

Zach B. said...

Great gallery.

Especially "Canals"

My camera cannot yet handle teh night time photography.

(yet to find Frampton)

Dagbert said...

Eh, keep looking. Swear he's in there.

If your camera has custom settings, try setting your ISO sensitivity to a much higher level. Balance it though, so that you get good exposure, without too much "noise" in the photo. I think the canals photo was taken at around 200. Oh, and use a tripod if you have one.

Zach B. said...

mmk, thanks

Crazy is as Crazy do said...

lol... I do believe I found Frampton... ;)
When I first saw the picture, I'm like it's Frampton... then I'm like no... it's a bird... but he wasn't in the other ones... so It must be him... not to mention birds aren't out that late at night...
the other guys comment is slightly ironic... ;) lol

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