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The cake is a lie

We just completed our monthly marathon staff meeting (concerning matters of not terribly grave importance), during which I cleaned out my saved drafts, organized the blogroll, and added an "About the DI" section with some new links to the left of the page. Then they gave us delicious cake at the end, which I felt only slightly guilty eating, having just spent four hours dicking around on the internet instead of paying attention during the vote on a new color for our summer sweater vests.
In case you were wondering, charcoal gray steamrolled eggshell white in a landslide.

Anyway, at some point during the meeting, I stumbled across, and posted an old draft from May of last year that I never bothered putting up for whatever reason.
"Natsukashii" as the Japanese would say. Unless of course, you're moving abroad--which is a total pain in my ass.

You're welcome.

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