"working on my faults and cracks..."


33 revolutions per minute

If Tom Gabel from Against Me! crash-landed on a desert island (undoubtedly en route to kick ass somewhere) with several able-bodied punk minstrels, several cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Bruce Springsteen's A4 notepad stained with New Jersey boardwalk ink, The Gaslight Anthem would be the bearded and emaciated band at last floating off that island on crude raft hewn from felled palms.

It's like a re-encapsulation of that same American spirit that Bruce made so iconic: emotional, anthemic, blue jean/white t-shirt storytelling, but with a new coat of paint--gravelly vocals, faster guitars, and thicker bass.

Maria, come on out and dance. Don't make me do this alone.

Portrait of the fading American dream

** Pictured above is GLA's recent EP. You'd
be an idiot for not first picking up last summer's
full length too.

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