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The Iceman Cometh...and Ignoreth

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WYWS Edition

* Okayama is cold. I would be fine with this, in a hypothetical region where one could feasibly expect "winter" with all the delicious trimmings: snow, ice, wind, penguins, Al Gore in a parka, Mr. Freeze, etc. But this is no such region. Here, upon looking out the window, one would not expect from the weather's sunny disposition, to find one's underpants frozen to one's butt crack by the time one reaches their place of work.

Beautiful Okayama: a million below zero, and no snow

* School is back in session. Having finished grading the pre-vacation exams, administering the post-vacation exams, and started preparations on the year-end exams, classes may now officially begin. Hopefully we'll manage to scrape together enough time to do work on non exam-related material. Like, oh, I dunno... actual studying maybe? I'd say that in the year I've been here, we've wasted anywhere from 75 to 99% of our school time on exam preparation. No huge surprise though, as the same could be said for Japanese society outside school, where there is plenty more time to piss away on university entrance exams, English proficiency exams, job qualification exams, various licensing exams, rectal exams, eye exams, exams to get in to schools where they prepare you for other high-level entrance exams... You get the idea.

* Sat next to a dude at lunch who was so good at slurping up his ramen noodles, it sounded like he was sneezing inward. A reverse sneeze? Is that even humanly possible? Oblivious to the scientific impossibility, he kept on loudly inhaling, then pawing at his nose like an eighty year old clydesdale sucking in a massive soupy head cold.
"ssslorp" -wipe- "ssslorp" -wipe- "ssslorp" -wipe- "sssloooorp"
Clearly, I have no idea how my food is to be properly enjoyed.
Just felt like this needed to be shared.

* Q: What do the Japanese call a bald head with a wicked ass comb-over?
A: A barcode.
Proceed with teh lulz.

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Valerie said...

You have such pretty clouds.

Zach said...

That's the spirit!

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