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To the peanut gallery, with love

Weenie men click to enlarge. Then cower in fear

Following certain accusations** in the comments stemming from my most recent post, I made a quick stop at the convenience store for lunch on my way home this afternoon. Five minutes and 400 yen later, I left the store reeking of sweet retribution.

Brazenly discriminatory potato snacks, and cup sake: the choice sake for grown-up homeless men all across Japan. Go on ask yourself--could there possibly be anything more blatantly manly than "thick taste" chips and sake under a tarpaulin down by the river?

The answer is no. There is not.

I believe there are apologies to be made.

** To clear up any more potential confusion as a result of misleading sarcasm, rest assured that all photos appearing on the DI are taken with my camera(s), and by my hands, regardless of how disgusting, juvenile, or idiotic they may be. Thank you.

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Sarah said...

...If I'm not mistaken, that's a cup of shochu, not sake. I made the same mistake once.

Dagbert said...

Ah, you're not mistaken.

Something about sake struck me as even more "van down by the river-ish."

I could fix it, but that would require more work than a snide remark in the comment box.


Brast said...

It isnt Mr, or Mrs. That third title option you exquisitely avoided is where i happen to belong.
It frightens me that Mr.& Mrs. are what filtered through to your brain cells first.......
Iv always thought the name brast screamed naive-single-female, i mean BRA-st... that totally covers the entire female spectrum...

Valerie said...

Maybe not more manly, but decidedly less creepy. But if manliness is judged by culinary choices, I've got you beat:

I'm eating a loaf of bread (no knife! no butter!) and drinking apple juice with goldschlagger in it.

Take that, Mr. potato chip-eating tarp-wielder!

Zach said...

If you are what you eat, are you suggesting you're a thick-tasting potatoe snack?

Brast said...

And today, i remembered SINCH. And today, i played 'SOMETHING MORE'. And today i died again.
You think you know what's beautiful music? You think you've heard the most powerful of lyrics? I dare you to give it a listen.

James In Chiba said...

I've searched far and wide to find someone in Japan who shares my passion for Ozeki One-Cup. 5 years and thousands of blog searches later, I find your post.

Seriously though, enjoy reading your posts. Happy O-shogatsu!

James At Japaners

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