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Zero 7 Yamato: Putting the "super" in "superstitious"

News In Briefs:
WYWS Edition

* I know, I know--I'm not supposed to fall prey to trailers advertising blockbuster movies that we all know will inevitably be shit.
But this one has robots.
And Robert Downy Jr.

* The Mayday Parade and Paramore show that I played hooky from work for, was pretty awesome. Getting drunk and then waiting 6 hours for the trains to start running again was most definitely not. Crappy photos are up somewhere else. May I warn you that certain images might need *ahem* explaining.

* A mere 15 days after its mysterious demise, my neighborhood 711 is back up and running, and I couldn't be happier. The only major noticeable difference I've picked up on is the front entrance is now an automatic sliding door. Oh, and they moved the porn rack to the far side of the ice cream fridge. Not that I knew where it was before the explosion or anything.

* To the poor bastard in #305:
Bro, you just gotta know you're in #304.

Sucks to be you, riding the J-train down to unlucky town.

Wait... So if I'm in #205, does that mean...


Son of a bitch.

2 contributions to this piece:

Kimbrolynn said...

I hate to admit, I don't understand this 304, 305 business. Yeah, there is no 304... but there is no bike in 305 either. And your 205... and you're bike is there... relation?

Me no understand...

"Like finding a needle in a fuck-stack."

Dagbert said...

The Japanese word for "four" is "shi" which is a variation on the word "death." Obviously this is considered unlucky, so a lot of hotels/apartments/houses/etc. don't use numbers with four in the combination.

I only noticed this on my own building recently.

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