"working on my faults and cracks..."


Bring the rain

Only highways paved with danger are worth driving, as you'll soon see in my latest crappy video short.

So, two thumbs up for Warhawk whenever my controller isn't buried in the wall. And really, my abnormally high levels of rage are not that of a control or playability issue buried within the game (even though the autoaim was allegedly fine-tuned by an orangutan with dyslexia), it's a "playing a game with other shit-eating humans who are better than me" issue. Sometimes, as many as 31 others.
It just occurred to me, that for all the shouting I do, I should just open an English conversation class for all the other guys in this paper-walled apartment complex. Word(s) of the day, as probably heard resounding down the hallway past apartments 204 through 201, would be "you turret whoring cock-holsters".

Yeah, go ahead and jot that down.
It'll be on the quiz.


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