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Tsuyu Hell

News In Briefs:
WYWS Edition

* Japan is currently wet and rainy, and will be for at least another week or so. This, among a sizable number of other trivial things, annoys me to no end.

* My eyes are out of shape. After spending the last two weeks with the exchange kids, I didn't have time for PS3. Finally logged on last night, checked my messages, downloaded some videos, and then bought the epileptic seizure-inducing Super Stardust HD before playing it for two hours straight.
I can barely see this morning.

* In light of certain scandalous events, I'm cracking open one final box of instant yakisoba for lunch today. Sure, it's not Japan, but if something this big breaks in China, an industry audit of the rest of Asia is sure to follow. We always joked about my noodles being made of cardboard, but I never had much reason to actually believe anyone. Just keep the snooping J-FDA blokes away from my melon pans--the one Japanese thing I outright refuse to give up.

* I just read something on CNN's digital toilet rag about the launch of another expedition into Amelia Earhart's disappearance. There's nothing particularly striking or inspiring about the article, save for the mention of giant man-eating crabs, which hints at the cause for Ms. Earhart's untimely demise. Check back for future CNN headlines:
"Aviation Pioneer Earhart Devoured by Crabs. Case Closed After 70 Years."
Am I the only one who finds this totally awesome?

* Frampton, Brian, and I will climb Mt. Fuji tomorrow night. The most current plan, is as follows:
We'll meet in Shizuoka on Saturday morning, and hit the Eastern Subashiri trail by late afternoon. We expect to make a steady climb, then sleep a few hours in the evening around the 7th or 8th station, before closing out the last leg of the trek to the summit at 3776 meters. Barring heavy rains, frostbitten appendages, or general incompetence, our goal is to be on the summit to catch Sunday morning's rising sun spilling out over the sea of clouds below us.
We are, however, still nervously expecting some entirely unforeseen element to thoroughly shit all over our "carefully" laid plans for the climb.

** UPDATE **

While I'm already planning on sending one to my family, anyone else who would like a postcard (snarky message or nonsensical Monty Python quote optional) mailed to them from the top of the world, can send me an email with their home mailing address (reach me here), by 8pm, July 13, Eastern Standard Time.


Son. Of. A. Bitch. Just as planned, the "entirely unforeseen element" that has "thoroughly shit" on tomorrow's trek, is typhoon "Man Yi" currently sucking and blowing its way across Japan. It is expected to conveniently peter out shortly after we were hoping to make our ascent. Brian is desperate. Not even an act of god will affect his resolve, for he is foolishly prepared to crawl to the summit. I kindly tell him to lower his voice, and to 'put the lamp down.'
More updates after I find something to break.

** UPDATE III (7/15) **

We've got a break in the weather (re: a hole in the storm), and we're going to go for it. A crapshot though--at best, but aren't most hail marys? Come hell, or high water marauding godzilla, Fuji either goes down now, or never.
Wish us luck.
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