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Planning, is half the climb

They say that "only a fool" climbs Mount Fuji twice.

But Brian and I are already fools. Lazy, procrastinatin' fools.

So as we begin to outline the plan for our preparations to schedule a climb up the almighty Fuji san, does our inexperience in climbing combined with our utter inability to make a concrete plan make us doubly foolish?

We've had an entire week to choose a date in July for the climb, a week to look at train routes and choose from the five trails of varying elevations and difficulty up Mt. Fuji, and a week to make a small list of "just to be safe" equipment and food necessities. What a productive week it could have been. Instead we've productively spent the last six days riding to and from Tsutaya and Marunaka grocery for movie rentals and food.
Or rather, a metric shit ton of food.
Grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta, onigiri, tonkatsu, mini-steaks, kimchi, butter chicken, kushi katsu, ice cream bars, futomaki, melon pans, energy gels, gummy candies, and pretty much anything else at the grocery store that isn't tied down. Which is basically everything.

We'll get around to making a plan.

Just as soon as this movie is over.


We have selected a day. This calls for a deep-fried celebration.
With ice cream.
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