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News In Briefs
WYWS Edition

* Snapped this picture of a group of complete strangers in a yaki-niku (teh burning meat!) joint last night. "Gaizu Naito Ahuto" we'll call it. It's not particularly awe-inspiring or anything. I just think it's a fun picture. J-trains after a long day at the office, drunken and red-faced; putting aside their worries, just to do it all over again tomorrow.

* I remember back in 2nd or 3rd grade, we did a "science" experiment, where we compared bananas left on the counter for two days, with bananas wrapped in bags and left on the counter for two days. The results? Astounding. Bagged bananas ripen, then become quickly overripe long before you can eat them. So why the shit would a grocery store (whose best interest to sell fruit not plagued by leprosy) sell bananas wrapped in bags? No clue. Yeah, it's all fun and happy town until I bring your failed bananas back to the 'sahbeesu' desk. Bastards.

* Moustached Japanese men look just as ridiculous, if not moreso, than their Western counterparts. I can't quite pin down what exactly it is that seems out of place, but honestly people, does it really matter? I mean, didn't the moustache go out with Magnum PI? The Japanese must not have gotten the memo. I mean, hell, they still think Tom Selleck is the bees knees. Too bad the bubble economy implosion didn't take the moustache with it...Or leg warmers. And Mr. Big.
Anyway, the way I see it, is that there are two kinds of mustaches: the kind that get savagely kicked in the janglies, and the kind that do the kicking. So imagine if you take the moustache away from lumberjacks and Chopper Reid, and give it to this bespectacled little suit and tie Asian pointdexter whose sole purpose in our office is to bitch about the A/C, and you'll start to get why I feel something is at the very least, slightly amiss.

* The Warhawk beta is finally free of system-crippling bugs. Firing ze missiles without a single crash in four hours says I can't freaking wait for this game to drop at the end of August.

* I'll go into more detail about it later, but I stopped my daily running regiment with Nike+ (started to get a little boring), and switched to a higher intensity interval training style. And my muscles are on fire. This would be awesome if I could walk straight.

* Kelly Clarkson's new record finally drops on the 26th.



It's not like I pre-ordered it or anything.
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