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Another batch of delectable news morsels from the Asia-Pacific future.
In my underwear.
News In Briefs:
WYWS Edition

* Kinda like the Daredevil who couldn't see, but had superhuman senses, when one aspect of person's communicative ability is cut off, I'd like to think it heightens their abilities in other mediums of communication. Like, whilst in Japan, my spoken English usage has been dramatically limited, but like, I can like, totally write gooder. And shit.

* Playstation Home. A beta existance so secret, that even mentioning its secrecy or that I may (or may not) have gotten into, is probably a severe NDS violation. I will tell you though, to take heed the Sony storm that's a-brewin'.

* Anyone want to brief me on the Japanese vocabulary basics for social welfare cirriculum and pedegogy? If you happened to know anything about international business, that'd help a lot too. I'll take just about anything at this point; vocab, kanji, whatever tidbits you've got floating between your ears. Freelance translators are expected to know everything about everything. But as a fish-out-of-water freelancer myself, thank god I don't know shit about anything. Or more specifically, anything in this damn series of documents. When requesting services, I don't think my employers realize that not providing clear context or audience is a sure-fire way to get their crappy little pamphlet featured on Engrish.com. Ok, so I'm not that bad, but sometimes, it's very tempting to be.

* In case you were wondering, the two tragic fashion numbskulls in 5/16's post, were in fact, both gentlemen. Moreso, because shortly after I snapped the photo, they wandered into a soapland "gentleman's" club for a mid-morning romp. I'm sure they were completely "gentlemanly" about it though.

* I'm working on another video update. Keep refreshing that browser!

* After today's workout, a banner greeted me upon entering Nike+ that said I have crossed the 200 mile threshold. They gave me a prize--not something useful like spending points for their online store, or an iTunes gift card, but instead, a virtual silvery colored medal stamped with the silver numbers "200" that now appears in my virtual "trophy" case. I'm so stoked about this, I think I just virtually shit my virtual pants. While it's the dream of every virtual world inhabitant to be rewarded with real-world prizes for virtual accomplishments, we are very much aware that garnering such respect and recognition of those in the "real" world, is asking for a bit too much. But this, we can understand. However, for the real world to be awarding virtual prizes for our real-world accomplishments isn't just a lazy compromise, it's downright tacky. Wow, they now have me totally revved about the prize for reaching 500 miles. How about a virtual "good game" pat-on-the-butt from Nike+ voiceover girl Paula Radcliffe?

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