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News in Briefs:
While You Were Sleeping Edition

* I have flown the coop. More specifically, I have been officially released from the borrowed dungeon at the base of the mountain, and moved into my own pimp castle, replete with laundry balcony, heated toilet, and muddy footprints on the kitchen floor. Perhaps a barefoot pimp on welfare, but it's still a goddamn castle. You shut up.

* I have finished watching the first season of Grey's Anatomy, and I still think it sucks. If I want contrived, cut-and-dry tv melodrama, I'll stick with CSI. But I just can't stop watching it. Who would have thought she was Canadian?

* The cherry blossums are out in full bloom. I may or may not be going to the castle gardens this weekend to join the rest of the city in using the blossums as the once-per-year excuse to getting royally shit-hosed before 3 pm. Anyway, I was feeling generous today, so I put my current Facebook stalking and apple eating activities on hold and went outside to take some pictures. Relax, they're just from my cell phone. I don't love you people that much.

* Several nosy wankers have asked if another video post is coming. The answer is yes. But the answer is also "sit on your damn hands and stop refreshing your browser." I have all most of the footage I need for "Go-En II" already sitting in neatly arranged folders on my computer, but once it gets uploaded and edited in iMovie, it chews through piles of gigabyte memory, the likes of which, I only have a few remaining. More specifically, "somewhere between more than nine but less than ten." A 250gig external hard drive has already been purchased to alleviate this nagging problem, and is awaiting its release from styrofoam and cardboard prison. Oh, and the pre-emptive answer to any of your other redundant questions is that the next update will be amazing.
Look for it sometime in July. Like, two pairs of underwear, amazing.

* My mother has recently informed me that my favorite soap has been discontinued. While I have no way of believing whether or not this is true and that P&G is indeed an evil, heartless, corporation, I urge you to buy this body soap in bulk, and send it to me. For reasons beyond that of a notable absence of Speed Stick here in the Land of the Rising Sweat Levels, I refuse to smell like a Japanese man. There is even one such Japanese man who agrees that we must remain Zestfully clean at any cost. Do it for the both of us. Or at least for his wife.

* Much to my dismay, today was the official "picture day" for the new blood; photos to be published in the staff magazine. I wish someone had told me that beforehand. "Beforehand," like, before I put on my sleeveless "Asian moms do it in rickshaws" shirt, and decided not to shave/shower/wear a tie/comb my hair**. I did floss and brush my teeth though, and managed to eat a balanced granola breakfast. I'm sure they'll recognize the extra effort.
Hopefully, this is the issue that the PTA uses for its yearly faculty evaluations.

* Just because I'm in Japan doesn't mean I don't know. Ohio State has lost. There is a god.

* God knows whether or not this movie is ever coming to Japan. But the review...I laughed. I cried. I think I even pooped a little. And to think, I was supposed to be paying attention during a large-scale faculty meeting. Neil is my new hero, and the taquito buffet is his latest masterpiece.

** r.i.p

* UPDATE 4/6 *
Upon further review, I think the title of this post
must have made more sense in my head, because as an
actual title, it looks and sounds positively idiotic.

Peko peko.

3 contributions to this piece:

dyki said...

hey wanker!
what a he...
the force be with me?

Dagbert said...

Holy shit! Your destiny is a little more expensive than it is in the states, but damn!

That looks like a score to me...

Valerie said...

Sandra Oh is the shit. She's pretty much the reason I watch Grey's Anatomy.

YAY for cherry blossoms!

And I played Guitar Hero for the first time today! I need to get me a gaming system so I can buy it...heh.

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