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Long live the car crash hearts

I saw two guys in garish jumpsuits and luchadore masks picking up trash outside the library today. I wanted to take a picture with them, but immediately wondered if the outfits were some kind of convict-identifying system. Like the dunce cap.

Repeating small talk drives me insane, so all the clips were done on the first take. But "Gotta have my pops"?? I still can't believe I said it, and you probably won't either. Anyway, you can finally stop refreshing your browsers. Go En II is here.


** New scheme for your tired eyes. You may now return to not bitching about my colors. **

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Valerie said...

I guess Frampton doesn't like hanami? Or was he too drunk to be seen on camera? He's such a lush. Probably off schmoozing some cute high school girls. :-D

Nice, video, as always. The sakura really are pretty!

Kathryn said...

The cherry blossoms are amazing! Wish I could be there to hang out with you and eat some fish on a skewer. :o

Loved the mini-video of Frampton riding the food conveyor belt. He's so crazy!

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