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The nice ladies at the alien registration office gave me this pamphlet to ensure that as a new Okayama resident, I became immediately familiar with the proper means by which to dispose of my unwanted pianos and buddhist alters. I wouldn't know the first thing about disposing of an alter anyway. I had no idea they were acquired under the premonition that they'd be disposed of at any point in the future. Seriously people, what would Buddha do? Is he a malevolent god? If he was, I'm sure he'd be mad as hell to hear his alters were getting shipped to the compacters in China. Anyway, the whole contradiction about throwing away religious "equipment" is very amusing and wholly un-religious. Or something. I had an entertaining bit to say about wishing I could get rid of all my old pianos by dropping them out of eighth-floor windows, but I'd first need a piano. And an apartment on the eighth floor. Sigh.

So...news...There is none. I'm back from Shizuoka. Things are still pretty boring here. It's cold, and we're in between school terms. Bo-ring. I just found out that one of my old favorite bands is going to be in town next month with Ellegarden--one of Japan's non-shitty sicker pop/punk acts. Seeing as it falls during our term vacation and right after payday, I'm pretty sure a bullet train trip to Osaka is in order. In the mean time, I'll continue eating Naish curry rice and listening to the MCR B-sides and Driving East like it's my fricking job. And for how much work I've actually done here in a month, it just might be.

"And if I haver, whatever the fuck that means, I'm gonna be the man that havers next to you..."
Thanks Pennywise. For the longest time, I thought I was the only person that didn't know what "haver" meant.

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Valerie said...

Ahh, gotta love British vernacular. Like "snog" and "shag" and "randy." And why is it I can only think of sex-related words? Hm. Something is amiss...

So glad to see you're still alive and sarcastic. The world is right again. :-D

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