"working on my faults and cracks..."


Thnks fr th mmrs

So do I.

So I can kick his smug teeth in for thinking he can attract customers by posting such a stupid, conceited sign.

Anyway, tonight's post finds me in Shizuoka with an itchy throat, sore shoulders, and a massive headache. The jetlag hits my body differently each trip here--this time, it has opted for the aforementioned, and an incredible appetite, the likes of which, rivals only the Jolly Goddamn Green Giant himself. Depending on how long I pause to rest my jaws, I've either been eating seven meals a day, or just one long 9-hour feast-a-thon. Anyway, without further adeu, all the other minor details are trivial and thus available for the first time ever, for your viewing pleasure, in the first installment of my forthcoming "Go-En Chronicles" series of video updates. If the formatting is floaty or wonky, it's your fault. Get a mac, or just follow the video link over to YouTube and watch it there.

Enjoy my latest crap-fest, you lazy bastards. I'm going to bed.
...So...I that makes me the lazy bastard.


5 contributions to this piece:

Valerie said...


1. I fucking love it. The video, AND the hair.

2. Not sure if you MEANT to flip the camera off, but it's pretty funny either way.

3. Frampton needs a seatbelt in your basket.

4. I want to see pictures of those Japanese cemeteries you were telling me about!

Valerie out.

Jeanette said...

Hey, Japan looks awesome. Kinda reminds me of home actually... a lot of concrete, electrical wires, and the occasional wafts of human-waste-smell, haha. Anyways, just thought I'd drop you a line cuz I thought your video was fun and I haven't talked to you in ages. Have fun out there...

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the glimpse of your new Japanese life! It helps to be able to see where you live, and what everything looks like. And it was so awesome to be able to talk to you last week and hear your voice!

Enjoy training this week (and internet access). :) Love you and miss you tons. Non-gay hugs and kisses to Frampton from Cedric.


Dean said...

Good work man. Thanks for the video blogging. I don't know how often you plan on doing it but I hope it's often.

Sometime you'll have to swing through Detroit and we'll have a brew, or six, together. I'd say I'd stop by your place but the likelihood of my being in Japan in the next six months or whatever is...slim to say the least.

Anyway, cheerio my friend.

joecool85 said...

Hey, good seeing you, looks pretty sweet out there and your hair is stellar.


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