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Dear ______, Sincerely, Me

This is my third time in Japan. Once in early 2004, again last summer, and then now. You want to know what stands out the most from all three visits?

The tv.
Yeah. Stupid Japanese television. Or rather, how incrediby and positively shitty it is. Three years, and you'd think it'd be different, with different shows, and different comedians. Nope. Still the same. Same damn comedians with their same damn jokes and elementary taglines and retarded facial expressions. Nothing has changed in three years, and it annoys me to high hell and back. It sucks, pure and simple, and I refuse to watch it. Oh, but right before I decided I was about to outright refuse to watch crappy Japanese tv, Al Gore "sensei" was on some stupid-ass variety show (one of thousands) last night. Funny seeing him on this side of the pond. Even funnier was the pathetic Japanese he poorly attempted, but I digress. An 'E' for effort. Is it just me or did he gain weight? Maybe it was just because he was standing next to the tiny J-trains...

So, yeah. I'm back in Japan. And the wonder is most definitely gone, but I was expecting that. I'm in a new city, with new people, and I'm jetlagged and krabby as hell. I wake up pissy every morning at 6 if I'm lucky. This weekend, I was tasked with re-orienting myself on a shitty old bicycle that will most certainly be the star of my upcoming video. And I don't have consistant internet access. Which is also annoying. Speaking of which, I'm putting together a little travel video this week so that I don't have to keep telling people what the general Okayama area is like. Just make 'em watch the video.

Anyway, there's no gaijin power this time around. Just raw survival. Or something. God, isn't it like 3 in the morning? Nope. 4:20 pm.


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Valerie said...

That is the sweetest picture I've ever seen of you. lol. Sorry to hear your arrival is less than spectacular, however!

真弓 said...


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